1) In a city where roughly 90% of its citizens are unchurched, I’d argue there is a need for more engaging churches. If on any given Sunday every person decided to attend church, about 1.38 million people wouldn’t have a seat. Simply put, there isn’t enough space. Many people do not attend churches for various reasons. Some have been hurt severely by the church, others lost interest and phased out of it. Needless to say, there is much dissatisfaction with the church.

2) Often times people feel like the church doesn't relate to them. As a church plant, we want to establish a church that is culturally relevant and is able to teach and apply the truth of scripture to daily living.

3) We want to be a church that cares for and serves the community to show the love of Christ and to make disciples of Jesus Christ. We will do this by living out the gospel in word and deed to see people lead to it, changed by it, and grown in it.